Obtaining Customer needs and providing tailor made services appropriate to these needs in a timely manner, ensuring continuous good relations with customers. Having flexible service skills to be oriented with the World.
Being a Business Partner and a Service Provider for customers.
Being the best call point to luxury cruise lines.


We serve privilige quality service to our customers within daily routine.
We perform the best operating mode for customers.
We handle with care. Creating a safe, accident-free work environment.
We generate sustainable productivity long-term profitability.


Values are the principles that our brand stands on. Human resources, process management, and technology are the first three things we have in order to reach our goals.

Leadership and professionalism
Fairness, motivation, inclusive leadership, cultivating a high performance environment.

Teamwork and Collaboration
Learning company culture, motivating each other for the better, focus on the real prize.

Honesty, transparency, open communication.